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The Essence of a New Season: Autumn

Fall. Autumn. Two different names that describe one season. Here in the south, summers are very hot and humid, so when fall comes around it sometimes comes as a drastic change in temperature. Nonetheless a lot of people look forward to fall, myself included. It is what we call hoodie and jacket weather. The time to start bringing out some of the fall/ winter items that we have stacked away once spring and summer has passed.

The current time of year is called the September equinox. When this occurs the Sun shines directly on the Earth’s equator. Daytime and nighttime are almost equal. The reason for the temperature change has to do with the Earth’s tilt and its rotation around the Sun. Every part of the world experiences the same seasons just not at the same time. When it comes to the season autumn, we split the earth into hemispheres or halves by the equator. In the case of fall/autumn, the northern hemisphere experiences the change of season in September. For the southern hemisphere, they usually experience fall sometime in March. In the northern hemisphere, you probably experience cooler weather. Take notice that the sun sets earlier in the fall than in the summer. Remember that before spring arrives that most of the United States and in some other countries, use what we call ‘Daylight Savings Time’ (DST). This is when we set our clocks forward one hour to make better use of daylight. This means that for typical jobs you are leaving work in the daylight and usually coming home in the daylight; the days are usually longer than the nights. In the middle of the fall equinox we reset our clocks back an hour to the normal time. It makes sense when you realize that when fall begins the days and nights start to become more equal. Usually in the middle of fall, you go to work in the dark and return home in the dark, but who doesn’t like getting back that extra hour of sleep.

It’s a new season. Embrace the fall. Bring out the hoodies, sweaters, jeans, turtlenecks sweatpants and windbreakers. COVID-19 has disrupted the year 2020, but we should continue to try to make the best of it. Try something new, even within the comfort of your own home where you feel the safest. Learn from the trees and plants. We know that the trees will begin to shed their leaves and become barren, preparing for winter, but the trees and plants return with grand size and radiant color in the spring and summer. Just as the Earth has its seasons, we go through our own as well. So, grab your favorite hoodie, watch the trees go through their process and embrace your season, whatever it may be and understand, it is in these seasons that we truly become the best versions of ourselves. Remember, each season has its own essence of beauty.





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