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Life Coaching with Monique

Updated: Dec 4, 2020

Do you ever feel like there is a conflict in your mind? You have the best intentions: eat healthier, be more organized, be more productive. But nothing aligns for you. One part of your brain is saying “Today is the day that I am going to re-write my resume” and by the end of the day, the resume goes untouched. Or you say “Ok, I am going to eat healthier starting today”, and by the time you’re walking or driving to work, you say “Well, maybe tomorrow I’ll start eating better”, and then you pick up a bacon, egg and cheese on a roll with mayo and ketchup. Or maybe you start on a new fitness program and by week three you are not going to the gym at all. Does this sound familiar? It is like you are your own worst enemy. Your own self saboteur. How can you know what is best for you but still do the same destructive, non-productive thing over and over again? If this is you, let me introduce myself.

My name is Monique Dash, and I am a Life Coach.

After studying dance in college, I returned to NYC, raring to go as a professional dancer. I was dancing in small companies, taking classes, auditioning, and working part-time at Carnegie Hall, in their charge department. My dancing gigs and part-time job at Carnegie Hall did not pay enough for me to move out of my parents’ house or support myself. One day while browsing a newspaper called Backstage (yes for you younger ones this was pre-google) the paper where artists found performance jobs, I saw an ad for an audition: People Needed to Teach Aerobics in Italy!. I had always been an athletic dancer, so I said what the heck. I auditioned for the job and 7 days later I was on a plane to Italy to teach aerobics! Did I mention that I did not speak Italian? The organizers gave us a 2 pager with the body parts in Italian and that was it. I lived in Italy for a year and I loved it! In Italy I discovered my love for teaching dance aerobics and my love of all things Italian.

When I came back to NYC, I recreated myself as a Fitness Professional. The dance world in NYC was and still is fiercely competitive, and I was good, but you had to be great to support yourself as a dancer. However, as a Fitness Instructor, a new industry at the time, I was great! My love of dance and movement, my performance and teaching skills and studies made the transition seamless.

I quickly became a top earning Dance Fitness Instructor in NYC, winning awards in competitions and landing television spots. I taught classes at top fitness studios and health clubs in Manhattan New York and created my own programs that were dance-based and then certified other instructors to teach my programs. I traveled the world - Jamaica, Paris, London, Japan, Spain and Brazil teaching my signature class “Be Bop Funk class,” as well as being a Reebok Master Trainer! Simultaneously, I had private clients that were trained in their Manhattan apartments. During this time, I met the love of my life and have a beautiful daughter.

Next, I went into fitness management. As a Group Fitness Manager, at two of the top Fitness Clubs in the country; not only did I serve the wealthiest people in NYC, I had the honor of managing and mentoring hundreds of instructors; created program schedules that had as many as 160 classes per week with a staff of 90 instructors and a membership base of thousands.

My nature is nurturing, and I love to serve. I am affectionately called Mama Mo. I have an open heart and am always willing to learn something new. This led me to fulfill my next dream. I gave lip service to for at least 15 years. Finally, I went to the Life Coach School and became a certified Life Coach. I now spend my time coaching people on fulfilling their dreams.

As a certified life coach, I assist you to manage your mind more efficiently. It is like we’re scientists working together in a laboratory and our experiment is to open your brain and examine your thoughts. The type of coaching I do is called “causal coaching”. I coach on the cause of why you are doing or not doing things you say you want in your life. Why you have or do not have the results in your life that you desire.

Everything we do in life is driven by a feeling, an emotion. And all feelings are preceded by a thought in our brain. My job as your coach is to first get you to dump out your thoughts. This is called a thought download. Then, together we look at which thoughts are serving you, and which thoughts are not. Simply said, positive thoughts usually serve you and negative thoughts usually do not. Our thoughts drive our feelings, and our feelings drive our actions (or inactions) and our actions drive us to our results. And guess what we control? - our thoughts. Once you take the time to examine your thoughts, then you do the work to change your thoughts so you can create the results you want in your life.

As your coach I will teach you how to do this daily. I am not saying it’s easy, but once you get it down your life will never be the same.

If you are interested in receiving a complimentary consult with me feel free to reach out to me at:

In the meantime, be mindful of what you think and speak about because it has the power to create or destroy your dreams.

by: MO




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1 Comment

Carol Scott
Carol Scott
Dec 08, 2020

I loved this! so well done!

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