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Hobbies- What's Your Escape?

No hobbies. Stop playing!! A hobby is an activity done regularly in one’s leisure time for pleasure. As a young person, I enjoy video games, novels, sports, play and coach basketball. While these are things that I love to do; need to find time to enjoy these hobbies. There is little time to enjoy my hobbies, or I am too tired to do it. “Well you are young, why are you so tired”; “What do you mean you don’t have time, you’re young?’, these questions I often hear. At this point in my life there is more focus on equipping myself for the future. That is where most if not all my time goes; bettering myself not only just for me but also for my family.

Self care enthusiasts encourage us to stay involved with your hobbies. I agree that hobbies are important. My own hobbies are replaced by a pursuit to obtain success, with my profession, This is the age of ‘being woke’. Many young people, like myself, are focused on breaking generational barriers, learning new skills that will earn money, and finding success in ways that can put us in the position to possibly retire parents, take care of parents, and live comfortably. When I was younger, I had hobbies (similar to the ones I have now), as I had lots of free time and not much to worry about. This free time gave me an opportunity to explore my hobbies and enjoy these interests on a daily basis. Leisure time is not something that is available too much anymore. I realize hobbies are an escape when the stressors of life are overwhelming. It is a mini break from reality. Many days and weekends, my leisure time is filled with errands and scheduled appointments. I am reminded that hobbies invigorate the spirit .

Everyone chats about their narrative. Without discovery of a hobby or improvement in a hobby there is not much to your narrative. Everyone should have a hobby. Stop playing, there are activities that are not hobbies, i.e. sitting on the bench, pacing up and down, alcohol/tobacco excessive use, vulgar speech and behavior. Taking part in your hobby is important for one’s overall mental and physical well being. It is relaxing. That’s my challenge to everyone. Find or rediscover your hobby. For many during the COVID-19 lockdown it was a pinnacle moment in time to discover and rediscover our hobbies. As we return to scheduled meetings, appointments, corporate settings; it continues to be important to practice your hobby. It may engage you 20, 45 minutes everyday or 3-4x a week or during your weekend. Take a break and enjoy your hobby, you’d be surprised how refreshing it will be.




By Incognito

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