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It Does Matter!

Updated: Sep 19, 2020

My teenage son and I sometimes get into these verbal exchanges about putting on the appropriate attire when we are going out. His argument is "Mom, it really doesn't matter". Well everything we think, say or do matters. When you consider the 7 natural laws that govern the universe you will see why. The laws are in no special order, but if consciously applied to your life can create balance that leads to success. The laws remind us the world around us will respond to the energy transmitted by our thoughts, words, and actions.

This is evident in the law of attraction. Whatever we think about long enough will become

evident in physical form in our lives. The law of gestation supports this law. It states that it takes time for energy to be manifested into physical form. The law of transmutation reminds us that our thoughts are energy that can create and flow in and out of physical form. I probably wouldn't know what's appropriate attire if it were not for the law of relativity. This law states that everything in life is comparable to arrive at a value. The law of polarity reaffirms the previous laws by stating that there are always two opposing sides to everything in life and both coexist together. Consider these polar opposites love/hate, wet/dry, and hot/cold. Both are needed to have one over the other. Consider the law of cause and effect. It says for every action there's an equal and opposite reaction. Everything we think, say, or do sets in motion a good or bad outcome. You cannot even hold a negative thought about your neighbor and not reap an effect from that thought. It might be as simple as your neighbor acting unfriendly towards you. The law of vibration basically state that everything around us vibrates. It moves in a particular pattern. This law also involves thoughts, words, and deeds. Have you ever heard someone say I like his vibe. Basically, you are affirming that you like the energy that person gives off.

We are powerful human. Take control of your power and be mindful of every thought,  word,  and deed because it all matters





Maureen, Atlanta

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