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Growth- We All Have to Go Through It

Growth- a word that has many definitions, one of them being ‘the process of developing or maturing physically, mentally, or spiritually.’ Every process in life requires growth, whether it be the process of bringing a life into this world or becoming a better person. In some, aspect’s growth is inevitable, but it isn’t always comfortable. You might be thinking, ‘what do you mean?’ Maybe you have heard or maybe you have never heard of this phrase, but in all truth in order for growth to happen one has to be uncomfortable.

You have to be comfortable being uncomfortable in order for growth to occur. There are many times in life where things are going well. It is in these very moments that many people become complacent and comfortable. But what happens when the place at which you are in life is no longer working for you and you want to make some changes? You want to take your life to another level because the current situation you’re in is no longer working, whether that be mentally, physically, spiritually. This may and often times requires you to do something that isn’t going to make you feel good. That could mean leaving your hometown and moving across the country away from family to a city where you know no one, to having to give up the one food you absolutely love and eat almost every day so you can live a better and healthier lifestyle. The changes are uncomfortable, but they are necessary in order to take our lives to a new level.

It is OK to be uncomfortable. Some people may be in the uncomfortable phase of their life right now- DO NOT GIVE UP! It may be hard right now but the growth and reward you will see for yourself will be worth it. Be comfortable with being uncomfortable, because most of the time in those moments, that is when you become the best version of yourself.





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