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Working at a Summer Camp

Hey family,

This article will be about one of our Cinnamon View Team member's experience working at a summer camp. Check it out below:

This is my first time working at a summer camp, where you are outside all day long, and I am really enjoying it.

This particular camp revolves around Jewish and Israeli culture, so I'm able to learn a lot about their traditions.

Another great feature of this camp is their inclusion program for children and teens with special needs. It teaches camp counselors how to handle groups with patience, kindness, and effectiveness.

What has made my experience so pleasant is how I prepare...


One important aspect of working at a camp is to come prepared. We are outside all day long, dealing with the many elements. I wear a hat, sunglasses, sunscreen (SPF 50 or more), bug spray, and comfortable walking shoes. I carry a large, reusable water bottle and Gatorade/ Powerade for electrolytes.

We bring backpacks to carry all our stuff (change of clothes if needed, bathing suit, towel, and all items listed above). We bring our own lunches, which I enjoy because I'm able to make sure I

I'm bringing something healthy rather than stopping for something quick such as fast food.

Overall, this day camp is helping me stay active, try new activities (fishing, canoeing, karate, and more), learn about a different culture, and more. I suggest to every young adult to work a summer camp one summer! There are lot of great benefits and it keeps you busy.

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