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Our Vote: Our Voice and it’s Power to Effect Change

Updated: Sep 13, 2020

Let’s vote and have the courage to care. Choose to hope and vote. I know, a odd statement maybe, but so true as we have become afraid and some have given up in this daunting mess of untruths and unbearable lawlessness, a pandemic run wild, grappling with unbelievable death and economic strife. So I just wanted to share the elusive obvious that we can ‘do’ during this time of upside down.

Though we are all feeling some version of unsettled, anxiety and/or depression, on a spectrum of low grade dread and uncertainty to, at times, outright debilitating despair; many of us hungry, homeless, angry, full of sadness, apathy; experiencing loneliness, loss and economic ruin, many destitute. This is our America now. Even some complicit in their inaction, some of those making money and dishing pain are not truly happy during these times as they know we need each other and that they are destroying our world. This dichotomy cannot be sustained. But this cycle of greed, corruption and quest for more power certainly will go on and we are not watching a movie. This is our life all and we need to act now.

We need each other to survive. Our democracy needs this too. It is a living and breathing entity and a part of all of us proud Americans. Yes, we are fractured but we still recognize our friends, families and neighbors, underneath the partisan and even cultish crazy that we see these days, the pain and suffering in so many areas. We have our memories of a united America where sports were a time to come together. The ugly specter of COVID-19 has reminded us of our fragility and interdependence, brought us together, because rich or poor, there is always a common denominator that we can’t escape, that unites us all. We need each other. And the frank comforting news is we all have power. We just need to recognize that strength in ourselves and remember who we are. What we do matters. We matter. What we do has consequence. What we don’t do has consequence. Who we are is special and unique. We are lovable and have value! And united in that knowledge, even if others try to deny us these truths, we can accomplish.

So let’s let ourselves hope and dream. We need this to move forward and towards each other, putting the pieces of ourselves together to unite for what is right and good; Humanity and our basic rights. We all know it. So let’s do it!.. for ourselves or whomever is important in our lives; the girl you have a first crush on, the baby you hope to have, Gramps that we wish to see. Hope for the future, yes, but even just for tomorrow. That might be our brightest day. It is exciting to look forward and dream. Dreams are our happiness, our visions of the best of us, and they can be realized. Maybe not all of them but certainly some and let’s take heart in that.

We can all make a difference through our simple acts and our belief in the power of positivity and really, in ourselves. Do what you can and meet the moment where you are. Always try. Always do your best, whatever that is. Simple words but they are truly the key to resilience and joy in life when they seem hard to find. Shoot for a journey of better, not unsatisfied perfect and bask in the warmth of contentment. Trying is living, not just existing. It is everyday heroic to keep working at it.. working at life, reaching out in frightening and troubled times, even in a world that is disturbing and unrecognizable to us. Think of civics as just a fancy Latin word for awareness and engagement in life and the world around us. It doesn’t take much for us to get involved but we get so much back. That’s what’s overlooked in extending ourselves. We gain, we grow, we benefit. So why not?

This is our world my young friends and those disenfranchised and left behind. There will always be those who do not care, listen, protect, lead and serve their own interests, and yes, even actively do harm. But what about those who do? We are counting on each other and together we are powerful and can effect real change. So should we leave those that betray their oath, the People and country in power, give away our power and disappear in the wonder of why life is unfair? Be seen, stand tall and get larger than life. Growing up and out is eye opening and can be stark and there IS some pain but a rich, full life in a free country is breathtakingly beautiful.

Choose to hope and be heard. VOTE.




By: by Louella Hart

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