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Updated: Sep 19, 2020

Hello family,

This post is by That Forest Chic (follow her on Instagram and Twitter).

When you hear the word “nature” what images and feeling comes to mind? A valley filled with lush trees? Bugs and bacteria? Animal sound carried on the breeze at night? Clean, flowing water? Destructive weather events? Fascination? Fear? Appreciation? Indifference? For me, I feel reverence. For starters, nature is all of these things mentioned above and so. Much. More. The most beautiful part to me is the balance Mother Earth exhibits. As many wonders as she provides for us to experience every day of our lives, she is just as powerful and dangerous. Similar to life don’t you think?

From food to floods, nature completely envelopes us. And yet, we despise it. This thing that is so entwined in our lives that we cannot exist without it, we are okay with allowing it to be ripped of its resources, pumped with chemicals and unnatural amounts of waste, having its ecosystems dismantled, and essentially thrown into misalignment. This relationship we have with the earth is all relatively new, if you really think about it. I’ve yet to come across an Indigenous tribe of peoples who did not live in harmony with the earth. So if our ancestors, could thrive under Mother Nature’s balancing act with happier lives than many of us live now, what happened to us today? I think, dissociation. What do you say?




By That Forest Chic (on Instagram and Twitter)

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