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Moving in to Your First Place

Updated: Sep 19, 2020

Plan early. Here is the wisdom from mothers past and present that began their independence too by moving into their first place. The first order of business is to keep three months of rent tucked away for rainy days. Then let’s begin with deciding on how much will be spent on the mattress. Your bedroom is that special place to relax and meditate for the next day and after a long day. The test is to lay on the mattress before you make the purchase. Each person has an expectation of the perfect mattress to rest their lumbar region, neck, shoulders and lower region of the body. Please buy a new mattress, never a reconditioned mattress. Not sure reconditioned mattresses exist. Please stay away from that sort of savings. Yuck!! Do not forget for those living in the same state or city as their parents that our childhood dressers, heir-loomed kitchen tables, chairs and end tables maybe packed away at your mom and dad’s place. Generally, parents want to help, so family heirlooms are available as the first new place furniture pieces.

There are critical items needed to live in your first place. There are must haves to set up a kitchen. Let’s begin with an eight (8) piece pot set. Typically, the nonstick pot sets can range in price from $45.00-$150.00. It includes dutch oven pot, 10” fry, 8” fry, 3 qt saucepan, 1.5 qt saucepan and the tempered glass or aluminum lids. It is the staple for american style kitchens. Tableware such as plates, saucers, mugs, cold drink glasses. Flatware such as forks, spoons, and knives. These items are sold in packaged sets too. Generally, it is sold as a 12-piece set, that is for a family of 4 that each person has one of the tableware and flatware sets. Other key items are razor sharp knife sets to prep salads, vegetables, and seafood and meats, measuring cups, hand held electric mixer, toaster, microwave, blender and tea kettle. In this case, you decide how to prioritize your spending by the necessity of these kitchen helpers for your lifestyle.

What are your views for our friends and family moving into their first place?




Rose D, Brooklyn

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