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Memories of Family

Updated: Sep 19, 2020

Here is a memorable family pic before the Civil Rights Movement. What enlightened me the most about the apparel of the time are the fashion trends of women that lived up North. Remembering the days my mom shared growing up in New York City where people of different ethnic groups lived together. She was born in Brooklyn, New York and unlike many of her family members and later friends that migrated to the North from the South. She grew up in city housing and talked about how mothers of various ethnicities-- Jewish, Italian and African American-- found a way to make life a bit easier for each other by exchanging staples that helped feed their families. Mama’s (grandmother) yeast rolls for Momma Giovanni preparing a batch of pasta and how it worked for feeding their families. Living up North was such a juxtaposition from the work and social experiences of our Southern families. Our sense of normalcy and being comfortable in your own skin was contingent on your outlook of self. Look at the pic. These ladies were going places and proud of their heritage and knowledge for a better life.





Atlanta, GA

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