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Light Colors or Dark Colors? What Shall I Wear?

Updated: Sep 13, 2020

The year of 2020 has definitely been one for the books; an interesting year to say the least. We all waited for summer to get here, and it came with all its heat and humidity. Heat in the south, is a different breed of heat and I truly do not think anyone grows accustomed to the heat. So how does one stay cool? Drink more water? Maybe, water is very essential. Have you ever thought about the clothing that you wear? I can tell you, it definitely can make a huge difference on keeping you cool.

The body is such a wonderful machine. It already has the sweating mechanism that helps us cool off when we get too hot. The color of clothing we wear can also help with keeping us much cooler. Think light colors. The lighter blues, pinks, yellow, and even white. It has been proven that wearing lighter colors keeps you cool, but also looser fitting clothing also helps. You see, looser fitting clothing allows the heat to dissipate before reaching your skin. How is this possible? Lighter clothing actually reflects heat whereas darker colors absorb heat.

Okay so picture this………. You are with some friends sitting on the porch in the around 3:00 p.m. You have on some looser fitting khaki shorts with a loosely fitted yellow shirt. It’s how out; about 90 degrees Fahrenheit, with the humidity at about 30%. You are indeed sweating, but not nearly as much as your friend whose choice of clothing was skinny jeans, and a loose-fitting navy-blue shirt. If only they knew the power of the color and type of clothing worn could easily help them feel cooler.

So when spring has rolled around and the temperature starts to increase, when you pull out your summer wardrobe or go shopping to add to it, think ‘ Light, Bright and Loose”.





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