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It's a Mad, Mad World

Updated: Sep 19, 2020

Here we are in the United States with limited COVID test kits and limited supplies of critical equipment i.e. N95 masks, ventilators, etc. to fight a pandemic. Are we living in in Cookalacapapa or the United States? Who knew 81 days ago (January 20), our daily lives would feel this way. Industries have shut down with no opening date in sight; it is insurmountable on too many levels. The federal,and state and local agencies, schools, colleges, churches, malls, boutiques, barber shops, beauty/nail salons, beaches, and parks are closed. There are other small and mid size businesses considered essential networks such as, big box retailers (Walmart, Publix, Kroger, Wegman's), and banks with revised hours due to the pandemic. When COVID-19 arrived to our country it was not taken seriously by the US; although ,the devastation in the Asia was well documented. By April 9th , in the United States there are 459,000 COVID-19 diagnosed cases and over 16,000 deaths ( New York State has the highest COVID-19 diagnosed cases with over 170,000 cases and over 7,800 deaths.

Our nation is in despair and we should be proactive and prayerful for change. Today's troubled times require strong leadership for "We the People." Is it clear that our key American leaders have not succeeded in the greatness their voters were promised. Perhaps, what is better noticed is our America has fallen into the hands of nefarious leaders and special interest groups. Too many decisions being made with little or no benefit to the low to middle income citizens of the United States.

What is really going on...





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