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Coronavirus / COVID-19

Updated: Sep 19, 2020

Everyone is vulnerable to COVID-19. There was no lead time given to mankind for an adjustment to the COVID-19 way of life. No need to fear; but stay mentally and physically prepared for what may happen next. Remember, we are a fearless people. Many of us have always considered the rainy day and may be prepared for some of what happens next. Others have a notion that high fashion and living is the answer. They are surely caught off guard and have no notion of how to respond to tough times. This is a time for personal growth. Listen to the smart people that offer their knowledge and skills to protect you and your family in this crisis (Dr. Anthony Fauci, Dr. Sanjay Gupta and Governor Andrew Cuomo).

If you are fortunate to have friends and family in the health profession as physicians, nurses, therapists, CNAs then you are hearing them share the importance of physical distancing, wearing a mask, and giving isolation to our seniors and love ones with pre-existing conditions. There are so many leaders that connect to our standards of humanity. Perhaps it is a time for the leaders in our home to learn and teach invaluable lessons about the importance of literacy and modest living. So many Americans overspend their salaries and wages to feel good or impress others. Unimaginable that we could be faced with a pandemic that went viral internationally; but, then landed in the United States too.





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