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CAREGIVING- Are You There?

 Life has a way of coming full circle, particularly in regards to caring for the elderly and our loved ones.  Many major decisions are pondered as we, the children, must navigate what is best for our parents as well as our own immediate families. Do we utilize respite care so that a health provider can come into our homes to care for our loved one or do we choose an assisted living facility or nursing home? 

     There are many things to be taken into consideration,especially if you are working and/or have young children,  It can really become a juggling act!  Finances often dictate the outcome.  While we want the very best for our loved one and a certain quality of life, every individual is not able to afford premium healthcare and accomodations. Sometimes the "old homestead" will have to be sold to provide for a new living situation.  Our parents loved, protected and took care of us.  Now it is our turn to reciprocate and take care of them.

CAREGIVING - Are you there?


Check A.A.R.P. for local caregiver guidelines.

Tools or Checklists for Caregivers




by Karen, Jonesboro, GA

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